Introducing our testers: Arnout 1987

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The following post is from our Bird Arnout1987. We asked him as a leading bird in the Netherlands to tell us about himself and life as a Testbird tester.

Our Tester

My name is Arnout, I am from the Netherlands. I recently graduated in pharmaceutical sciences and am looking for a job now. I didn’t realise that I am the Dutch tester with the most experience points, which is incredible.

During my internship period I didn’t earn anything, so I needed another way to earn some extra money. Therefore I was searching for a job that I could do at home. This is how I got to Testbirds. I signed up to become a tester and also did the entry test immediately, where I got to know that I liked testing. I carried on doing several tests in the same month.

When surfing on the internet, I get really annoyed by things that do not work properly. And by being tester, I get to express my frustration when finding bugs. I guess that is one of the things that trigger me to do testing. 🙂 But I also enjoy most of the tests, as the subjects are interesting themselves. And I find it is easier to detect bugs when you are interested in the topic, as then the way of surfing and reading becomes natural and doesn’t feel so much like doing a job. I find bugs that I normally would find too while surfing the internet, but now I can actually do something about it.

Even though I like the way a tester has to write their test report, I would appreciate it if the format of the Bug submission would be slightly different. Sometimes I feel that I have to fill in too many details for a simple bug and other times I find there is not enough space to express the Bug I found.

I hope that more companies will contact Testbirds to crowdtest their websites and mobile applications. This way Testbirds will grow and can keep up the good work, and I will be able to test more and more. I really like it and I believe even if have found a full-time job; I will continue testing for Testbirds.

Thank you, Arnout, for sharing your Testbirds experience. We will take your feedback into consideration and might even think about introducing an experience points list per country 🙂

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