Coding is misunderstood. Often it has conjured up images of reclusive individuals hiding behind computer screens with masses of jumbled numbers and letters building some kind of supercomputer, but not anymore! Through the power of the internet, coding is gaining a reputation for being an accessible way to build skills and enable us to change our career trajectories. Even if we don’t become the next Elon Musk, with how interconnected our lives have become with technology, it’s important to know how to sharpen our skills and evolve along with the demands in the workplace or understand how your business’ online presence interacts with customers, as often the smallest bug can be the deciding factor behind something being a success or failure; the devil is in the detail.

With that being said, our own, Sanjuna Budhani, would like to introduce you to a few of the best websites out there for those who want to know the intricacies behind websites and apps.


Codecademy is probably one of the most well-known coding resources available online. The website offers tutorials in programming languages such as Java and Ruby, and data analysis tools such as SQL to build websites, apps, streamline your business functions or even just embellish your blog. Offering both free and monthly paid subscriptions, Codecademy takes you through step by step tutorials of key terms, how lines of code are formed, and most importantly the site does not let you progress to the next lesson if there is a bug in the code and encourages you to find it before moving on, mimicking how real life deployed software works.

Code School

Code School has compiled tutorials on programming languages but also offer subscribers “paths” where they can incrementally build their knowledge on a specific language by following courses that build upon each other, making it easy to track and follow your progress.


Increasingly, courses delivered by universities are becoming available online, and often they’re free. Udacity began as an experimental project undertaken by Stanford University staff who offered the course “Introduction to AI” for free. The response was massive and global. Now the website has hundreds of courses on software development, bugs and coding. You can even enroll in one of their nanodegree programmes that were designed in conjunction with industry giants like Google and Facebook.


And for the ladies! Software development and coding, simply put, is male dominated, but now there are resources and workshops that are driving forward the push to give software development a more feminine flair. Djangogirls is a one-day free workshop that introduces women to Django and Python and gives them the little seeds of confidence to carry on and become the next generation of groundbreaking developers. Workshops are taught by female developers and are held in cities all over the world, from Toulouse to Thiruvananthapuram, all you need to bring is a laptop.

So go forth and take advantage of all the knowledge available to you! And you can always stretch out those coding fingers by becoming a tester for Testbirds!

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