The first month of 2015 is almost over. Looking back on the past year, we can say that a lot of positive things have happened for Testbirds. As you may, or may not know, our company is growing at a steady pace. Not only are the teams in Munich getting some reinforcement, since a few months we also have a complete team for the Benelux. Read more on what they’ve been up to.


To strengthen its position in the Benelux-countries, Testbirds chose to operate from Amsterdam. Luckily, a beautiful location was found to operate from. The office is based at the characteristic canal Herengracht within the building of Rockstart. Rockstart is a start-up accelerator that houses many interesting innovative companies, which makes it a very inspiring environment to work in.

Rockstart showcasing their #humansofrockstart, including our very own Viviane.

Webwinkel Vakdagen

The first really big event for the team was the Webwinkel Vakdagen 2015. The largest e-commerce event in the Benelux took place in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht and had over 10.000 visitors. We had a stand in the Start-up Village and André and Lodewijk had a lot of good talks with people about the possibilities of crowdtesting. We also offered the visitors at our stand some bugs to eat, which quite a few did actually.

André & Lodewijk @ Webwinkel Vakdagen
André and Lodewijk ready to answer all the crowdtesting questions.

Ready to rock the Benelux

Needless to say, the head office of Testbirds is determined to help make the Benelux-office a great success. In order to give things a boost, founder and CEO Philipp Benkler joins the team several days in the week for the coming few months. Since he has first-hand experience in building up the company and entering a new market, the sharing of knowledge and experience immensely benefits the entire team.

Philipp Benkler sharing insights to the Benelux-team
Testbirds founder and CEO Philipp Benkler joins the team few days a week.

Going Dutch

And last, but most certainly not least, the translation of the website has been completed. This means that, for all you Dutchies out there, you can now find all the information you need on crowdtesting and Testbirds in your own language (next to German and English). Unfortunately, this is not yet the case for the Nest, but rest assured, that one is also on our list. For now, check out testbirds.nl and get in touch with us to talk about what crowdtesting can do for you. Oh, and a little insider tip: if you’re on the homepage, you can actually control the bird on the phone and make it eat the bugs. Try it out for yourself!

Philipp Benkler sharing insights to the Benelux-team


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