Transparency workshop

The last principle of our organisational concept “Orga 4.0” is transparency and the underlying worldview we base our actions on. Sound very philosophical to you? I will explain in this post what we mean by it at Testbirds.

To make all other principles of “Orga 4.0” work (read my other posts here) a certain mind-set is necessary. Every employee has to have the common good for the company in mind. This means, that there is an underlying worldview all colleagues share: Everyone has the best of intentions in mind. We act based on the information we have as individuals, inherently trying to create a positive outcome rather than personal gain.

With this mind-set as a background, we are able to share much more information than usual in business. Why we do it? Because people can only make decisions that work if they have the relevant information to base them on. What is relevant? Everything. We share all information in the company with one exception: If it can cause harm. This includes e.g. personal information that is not for everyone’s’ ears, but maybe HR knows due to a sickness. But we share things like investor reports with everyone – yes, even interns!

This type of transparency is not very common in business. In the companies I worked at before starting Testbirds, most of the time the policy regarding sharing information was only to share what is really required: things that directly impact the employee himself or his work. In many companies, a lot of information that could have helped employees to improve their way to work, was kept from them – e.g. the investor reports mentioned above. They had a different view on what is required than I have. In my opinion, having all relevant information helps a lot in the decision process for each and every employee in a company. This means e.g. that people can understand what needs to improve in an organisation and also who is in charge for what. Therefore, I asked myself, why not share everything? Only with full information people can decide, start evolutionary processes in the organisation and fulfil their responsibilities to the fullest. This of course helps the company as a whole, people need to see where to go!

Sound too romantic for you to work? Feel free to reach out to me to get more insights. As usual, I’m looking forward to feedback and your opinion about this topic.

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