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Digital Hackathon: #WirvsVirus

Mar 26, 2020 | Crowdtesting, Events

Last week, over 43,000 people from Germany took part in the digital hackathon #WirvsVirus to tackle challenges related to the Coronavirus.

For 48 hours, participants were working on over 1,000 projects simultaneously to address topics relating to economy, society, healthcare, or politics. Participants put in an incredible amount of energy and came up with some amazing ideas.

How Crowdtesting Supported the Hackathon Teams

To support the hackathon, several companies were also working over the weekend to provide various professional support to the hackathon teams. Of course, we offered our Crowdtesting capabilities to the projects that were interested. We quickly set up a voluntary team of Project Managers and Crowd Managers, that supported this amazing hackathon over the weekend on a pro bono basis. In total, seven people from Testbirds were available to support from their home offices with any testing needs or target group related input that came up over the weekend.

On Saturday morning, we quickly managed to recruit a group of 30 voluntary testers that would be available over the weekend to provide rapid user feedback for new design ideas, first prototypes, or beta versions. Without the help of these people, this wouldn’t have been possible. Shout-out to our amazing testers! You truly are the heart of Testbirds.

Various Projects, Great Ideas

The number of projects was simply too large for us to cover all of them. Some of the projects we were able to cover had an amazing approach for support in our current situation. We want to give you a glimpse into the outcomes of the hackathon.

Healthstory – Community Building

The team from Healthstory is building a community for people that are directly affected by COVID-19 and want to share their experiences with other patients. They built a website with a forum that can help people to stay in touch and answer questions.

During the weekend, we asked our community of volunteers to conduct a usability test for the website to give feedback on existing features and provide input for further development.

CoronaBoXX – Digital Medical History for COVID-19 patients

The health information of people who are infected with COVID-19 or those who might be infected by it, is often lost due to lack of documentation. However, this information would be vital to assess the course of the disease and to generally get a better scientific understanding of it.

The team from CoronaBoXX created a tool to document the course of the disease and make the anonymized data available to researchers around the globe. They now need people affected by COVID-19 to take part in the diary study to aggregate data.

Testbirds helped the team by providing support for the iOS app distribution. This support was necessary before a solid base of COVID-19 patients can be recruited.

We’re amazed by the energy that we have seen in the past 48 hours. A lot of people put a lot of time into this to make a change. Our colleagues and testers at Testbirds, the organizers of the #WirvsVirus Hackathon, and – of course – the huge number of participants!
It truly shows that our society is still functioning in these challenging times.

Testbirds is also working as usual, so if you’re developing a new digital product, like the hackathon participants, our remote services are still available for your testing needs, wherever you are.

Did you take part in the #WirvsVirus hackathon? Or are you developing a digital solution to tackle the challenges of Coronavirus?

We provide our testing services pro bono for non-profits working on innovative solutions to the problems the world is currently facing. If you need support in testing your solution, get in touch now!

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