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Device Cloud in Motion

by | Apr 1, 2016 | QA, Testing Reality, Test Automation, Device Cloud | 1 comment

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been investigating Testing Reality. There have been a number of informational posts on what Testbirds Exclusives features and what our new categories QA and UX have to offer. Now, it’s time for some TeCH talk. In previous posts we have already introduced TestChameleon™ (TeCH) to you. This time, however, we would like to portray the possibilities of the cloud technology and explain to you why we decided to implement TestChameleon™ into our crowdtesting platform.

With Testing Reality, a new era has begun for Testbirds. Not only have we released our revamped website, but we also have a new nest. On that glorious Monday, February 22nd, TeCH became a part of our platform. Let’s take a closer look at our inhouse developed cloud solution, TestChameleon™.

Test automation with Testbirds

To put it simply: TestChameleon™ enables you to create virtual machines. This allows you to perform all the manual or automated testing you want on all kinds of devices from your own computer. A more detailed explanation can be found on our demo video that shows an automated integration test using the CI tool Jenkins. While TeCH was running an automated test, we logged in and recorded the magic.

The idea behind combining our crowdtesting platform with TeCH was to make it easier for our clients to access both solutions: a crowd AND cloud based approach. Both working hand in hand promises to take the quality of software to the next level.

Easy to manage platform for your testing needs

Including TestChameleon™ into our nest yields a number of great advantages. One such is the improvement of our client user management. A company can create now a general account that accumulates all personal accounts. This way the clients can easily organize their team, for example a team “marketing”, which performs a crowdtest on the company’s app and a “dev” team that runs daily automated tests on TeCH. The company admin can easily track progress and access the results of all tests performed within the same company. In addition, the communication between the departments is easier and this might help solve quality related issues much faster.

If a client has bought a crowd and cloud package, another nice feature they receive is that our nest allows clients to use TeCH to reproduce bugs. With a single click bugs that have been found in, for example, an exploratory crowdtest, can be reproduced using virtual machines. When clicking on the bug in the nest, the exact device it was found on is launched as a virtual machine. After a short booting period, our clients are able to perform various tasks such as opening their website on the relevant device and reproducing the bug. This can be extremely beneficial to developers when it comes to finding out about why a bug occurs.

On the right side you see all information about the device the bug occured on. With pressing “Start” a virtual machine with those exact parameters will be created

All in all we believe that the synergy between crowdsourcing and cloud technology is the future of testing. By using the best from both worlds, we are able to keep pace with the speed of today’s technological innovations. Although we have extended our services considerably by using crowd and cloud, we always focus on keeping it simple for our clients. The features mentioned here are just the beginning. Stay tuned for other cool stuff that results from combining one innovation with another.

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