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Slightly different than the original plan, but still a great start for the event season 2020: Meet us at C+UX in London on March 18th & 19th. 

As you might have heard we had to change our event planning for 2020 a bit, as MWC 2020 got cancelled due to the Coronavirus – an unfortunate but reasonable decision by the organizers.
However, as we react quickly to change, we already have a plan B ready and set in motion. We will be visiting the UK’s biggest customer and user experience event – the Customer and User Experience Expo a.k.a C+UX, in London

When? 18 & 19 March, 2020
Where? ExCeL London | Booth 1216

If you want to speak to our colleagues Louis, Carl, and Harry about the latest trends in customer and user experience, we invite you to book a meeting upfront.

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Customer Experience Never Ends

Customer experience is more than just what your users find on your website or app.
The CX starts at the very first connection with your brand, then continues on your website and (hopefully) with a purchase. And then?

It’s still not over – because another crucial phase starts now. Delivery, unboxing, returns – all this is part of the customer experience and determines if they will buy another one of your products, or go find what they want somewhere else. But how do you get honest feedback on the entire purchase process? Ask your customers! Sounds easy, right? It still isn’t as easy or common as you might expect, though. 

That’s why our colleague Carl Fryer will be speaking about this at C+UX.
Make sure you’re there: Thursday 19 March, 12.30 – 13.00, Theatre 7.

Three key takeaways of this session will be:  

  • What & why you should ask customers about your customer experience 
  • How factors that may seem unimportant can have a significant impact 
  • Why you should never stop questioning the status quo

Want to start testing right now? Then have a look at End-to-End Testing and find out what we can do for you. 

Meet us, learn lots, and win a workshop

Carl’s seminar on the neverending customer experience won’t be our only highlight. Louis Wilkinson will also be sharing his knowledge with you at our booth, giving insights from his experience as a UX Researcher and Project Manager in his session

Push or Pull: A Fool’s Guide to User Experience”.
In this stand-up session you’ll get Louis’ take on the most impressive UX failures, but also the highlights and what you can learn from them. He’ll answer questions like:

  • Why do companies still make such obvious UX mistakes?
  • Does your design really tell users to do?
  • And finally – how do you f*ck up a door?

You don’t want to miss it – I promise! So you should make sure to be at our booth on March 18th at 14.35.

We’re really looking forward to C+UX with interesting speakers, lots of insights, and compelling discussions with you.
So come see us in London – if you book a meeting upfront you can even win a tailored testing workshop with one of our experienced project managers! 

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