Crowdtesting Digital Processes in The Banking & Insurance Sector

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Flawless processes create trust

There’s probably nowhere else where a customer’s trust in a company and product is more important than in the finance, banking, and insurance sector. A bank or insurance company deals with highly valuable private data and customers put their trust in them to take care of their money.

Now more than ever is this the case, that banking and insurance processes need to work flawlessly on a digital level. Therefore, it’s crucial that digital processes – whether it’s onboarding new customers or filling out a credit application – are easy to use and bug-free. It’s the quality of such digital mechanisms that determine if a customer feels secure enough to put their trust in a company or would rather choose to go to a competitor.

Crowdtesting digital processes

In order to guarantee a high standard of quality in digital processes, substantial testing of the product, with real customers on different devices and browsers, is one of the main success factors – and not only in the banking and finance sector.

The quality of the customer experience was also the topic of last week’s webinar. Andrew Clayton – our expert for the finance, banking, and insurance industry – together with Stefan Jobst from our partner msg, dove deeper into the topic of quality assurance and the importance of a flawless UX in digital application processes. We’re very happy with the outcome of the webinar, as we didn’t only answer questions, but were able to show how we’ve worked together with msg in a chatbot test and present how a Crowdtesting setup looks like in practice.

Here’s a short recap of the webinar:

The challenges of establishing a flawless digital application process

In the first part of the webinar, Andrew presented the problems and challenges that come with establishing digital customer processes. As previously mentioned, building trust through consistently high-quality customer flows can boost your retention rates, but it also strengthens the image of your brand and company. So, what are the key factors in creating a high-quality process? It’s mainly about two things:

  1. The digital application process needs to work on every device, in every browser, and in every situation.
  2. The customer needs to be able to pass through the different steps without being confused or having questions, meaning that the UX of the process has to be on point and as intuitive as possible.

As an example, Andrew mentioned the application process for contracting a car insurance. In this type of complex digital forms, the goal should be that a customer is able to complete the application funnel in one session. This means that the customer’s able to fill in what’s required all in one go, without having to step away from the process to look for information elsewhere.

Whether these kinds of problems exist in a given digital application process can be discovered by running tests before the launch of a product or process. Although this can be partially done with in-house testing, using an external provider has many more benefits. By testing with the help of the Testbirds Crowd, companies can overcome common challenges of in-house testing, such as:

  • Organizational blindness
  • Limited variety of devices and browsers
  • Difficulties reaching relevant target groups
  • Lack of time and resources

Among other things, eliminating these limitations was one of the main reasons that msg wanted to form a strategic partnership with Testbirds, with the purpose of establishing an ongoing and available testing environment using Crowdtesting.

How a Crowdtest looks in practice

Stefan Jobst from msg used his spot in the webinar to discuss a chatbot project conducted with Testbirds. With the test, msg was able to get highly valuable test results quickly and in a professional manner, with which they could adapt their chatbot in the identified optimization areas.

Testers from the Testbirds Crowd were asked to give feedback on msg’s career page chatbot, which was installed to give applicants FAQ answers and to help with processes like CV uploading. After the briefing with msg, the test questionnaire was prepared together with msg’s HR team and testers were selected from the Crowd (during selection it’s possible to choose from over 65 demographic criteria). Once everything was set up, the test itself only took two days, during which the testers interacted with the chatbot and answered the test questionnaire, from the comfort of their home offices.

Some of the findings:

  • On small devices too much scrolling was needed to get to important information
  • Answers from the chatbot were too fast sometimes, and people didn’t get enough time to read previous answers
  • The chatbot linked to pages which opened in the same window when clicked, leaving the page with the chat window and losing the tester’s interaction with the chatbot
Need more information?

In the webinar, one of the participants asked what development stages Testbirds and the Crowd are able to start testing in, and whether it can already be done in the early beginnings of product development, even if there’s only a click-dummy or prototype to test with. Of course, this is no problem at all. In fact, we recommend to start as early as possible with testing, rather than at the last minute, to catch issues and find improvements early, saving time, money, and frustration. For early development testing we strongly suggest solutions like a competitor analysis or prototype evaluation.

If you’re interested in learning more about the topic, you can watch the webinar from last Thursday in full length. It is held in german.

We’d like to thank msg and Stefan Jobst for being part of the webinar and for the great teamwork last week.

If you have other questions that haven’t been answered or want to know more about our partnering program, feel free to contact Andrew directly. He’s looking forward to talking to you.

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