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Connected Cars ’16: Testing in the Automotive Industry

Jul 4, 2016 | Internet of Things, News & Infos, Testing Reality, Events

Testbirds at Connected Cars ’16

When it comes to innovations in technology, there are few industries as progressive and defining as the automotive industry. Attributed to a number of revolutionary societal developments such as the assembly line, the automotive sector is still creating groundbreaking technology that continues to astound the world and find application in all walks of life. This year, Testbirds had the pleasure to discover some of these new advancements in the automotive sector at Connected Cars ’16.

Connected Cars ’16

With exhibitors ranging from leading companies like Bentley to OEMs such as Metrocab providing VR demonstrations of their taxis that run at 98% efficiency, Connected Cars is one of the world’s leading events showcasing the integration of technology into the automotive industry. Each year it provides a glimpse into the exciting future of the world of cars. This year, Connected Cars ’16 was held in Olympia London and was co-located with 5G World as well as Insurance Telematics ’16 to bring a comprehensive and promising look into the many ways that technology is innovating the world around us. The two day event was supported by an impressive conference track with speakers from leading companies such as Etsy as well as OEMs showcasing their original digital products.

Our Experience at Connected Cars ’16

We at Testbirds had the pleasure of attending Connected Cars this year, allowing us to learn about the many exciting developments taking place in the automotive industry. As important as the new cartech promising to revolutionise the way we drive, is that everything functions perfectly and is easy to use. Therefore, in addition to having the chance to meet truly influential and exciting people in the automotive sector, we had the opportunity to showcase how Testing 4.0 and all of our testing services can take the quality of connected cars to the next level. Our UK Country Manager, Suzanne Holland, talks about her onsite experience at the tradeshow:

Suzanne also gave an incredible presentation on how crowd and cloud based testing solutions have already begun playing their part in the automotive industry by looking at two case studies about our work with our clients. The first, was an extensive functionality test of a connected cars service portal that consisted of three semi-structured tests that ran prior to release allowing for fixes to be applied after each testing cycle. It ran on approximately 80 device and browser configurations and featured integrated localisation tests on up to 70 language combinations. The second was a usability study of a connected car app that consisted of 81 vehicle owners across all major models and located in 14 different countries. The goal was to gauge user acceptance and optimise the app before launching it in its respective local markets. It featured 12 questions that aimed to establish users’ opinions of the app, what they like and what they feel could be improved upon.

Suzanne’s full presentation will soon go live on our YouTube channel . So make sure to subscribe to hear all about these case studies in further detail and why testing is a necessity for the automotive industry.

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