Career Icon Welcome to the first article of our new series “HR behind the scenes” where you get insights into our HR department. This time: Cocoon – Tinder for Recruiters. Ok, wait! It’s not what you think! It’s not recruiters looking to date recruiters and therefore invented an app to easily find each other. That would be a little bit too narcissistic. The app we tested, on the other hand, is for finding the right candidates using the same methodology as tinder. And here’s what we think about it:

To find our new Testbirds we normally recruit using different job boards, employee referrals and sometimes through direct searches. But of course there is always room to find perfect candidates quicker. And of course we are always looking for new innovative technologies and ideas for recruiting because hey: we are Testbirds! So it happened that one of the nice guys from Cocoon, Axel, got in contact with us and offered a free trial of their app and we mentally swiped right and said yes.

You swipe and if you are lucky you get a match

So there we were, everything designed in a nice teal green – which we actually like at Testbirds – seeing a first profile of a candidate. To say it in their own words, “Cocoon aims to connect high potential job seekers to cool startups from The Netherlands”. As an applicant you are creating a profile connecting your LinkedIn profile and stating your job preferences. Using their algorithm the right jobs are offered to you and you swipe left and right to show whether you are interested or not. As an employer you also create a profile and post your open positions. Candidates are matched as well, you swipe and if you are lucky you will have a match with a candidate that is interested in your company and the jobs you offer. The app is for web and mobile.

Alright, Bluebird seems to be a good candidate

Back to the first profile of a candidate. Let’s call him Bluebird. At first it is a little hard to adjust because we are used to having a full CV with full information. At Cocoon you only get to know their selected skills and rough information about their recent jobs and their education history. But ok, we are looking for an account manager for our office in Amsterdam and if someone lists “cold calling”, “prospect research”, “lead generation” and “account management” as his or her skills, well, they couldn’t be too off the mark, could they? So we swiped to the right and hurray, it was a match. Because of that we were able to directly take a look at Bluebird’s LinkedIn profile which provided us with further information.

Alright, Bluebird seemed to be an actual match. So we used the chat function to get in contact. It was a little awkward and we weren’t sure at first what to write. Especially because the chance that Bluebird would have been online the moment we write him was very low. That is why we just left a message stating our email address so that Bluebird could get in contact directly. And Bluebird did! But unfortunately it turned out that their language skills weren’t appropriate as Dutch is required on a native level for the Account Manager position. But anyway, it was a good start and of course we swiped a lot more candidates in our first session and the ones after that. And we are pretty happy with the results. Now that we have used Cocoon for roughly a month on a more or less regular basis we already had around 30 matches and could schedule 4 interviews which is a pretty ok result when considering the timeframe and the number of users on Cocoon.

But in general, how do we feel about Cocoon?

  • It’s a pretty cool and quick way to get in touch with candidates and it’s fun to use
  • Candidates that have a profile at Cocoon are generally interesting for us because they are by default attracted to startups and innovative technologies
  • It’s free (at the moment)
  • Language skills are not stated in the CV (but actually the Cocoon team is working on that from what they told us)
  • It feels a little bit unstructured because you don’t know how often you have to check candidates and if you once swiped to the left you can’t reach that candidate anymore, etc.

Overall we will go on using Cocoon and are excited to see what will happen in the future using this app.

If you are interested in working for Testbirds as well but don’t want to go through Cocoon to check out our open positions or to apply, just take a short cut and check out our list of jobs here.

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