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Celebrating the 1st Usability Speedtesting MeetUp at Testbirds

by | Sep 6, 2019 | Crowdtesting, Usability & User Experience, Usability | 0 comments

On September 4th, 2019 we hosted our first Usability Speedtesting MeetUp in our Munich office. Five companies, five test objects, five testers, and pizza and beer – these were the ingredients of a lively and insightful event.

Our goal was to bring companies and testers from our crowd together to create useful insights on the usability of the new products on display.

5 Companies, 5 Testers – Lots of Interesting Discussions

We were happy to welcome around 50 people to our 1st Usability Speedtesting MeetUp in our Munich headquarters. Starting out the evening with pizza and beer wasn’t too bad…
Five companies got the opportunity to have their digital products tested by five testers from our crowd. The variety was wide: from zooplus, who brought their beta version of a new app feature, to SPORT1 who tested their mobile website, and BMW Motorrad who brought a replica of a motorbike’s steering element with a TFT-display and VR glasses. Focus Online and E.ON also took the chance to get valuable feedback on their products. The five testers were selected according to various demographic criteria to ensure that they exactly matched the companies’ target groups. So, for example, we had a pet owner for zooplus and a motorbike rider for BMW Motorrad. Naturally, each tester also had a high affinity for the internet, websites, and apps, which was an important criterion for everyone involved.

How does Usability Speedtesting work?

As we already pointed out, we invited five companies and five crowd testers which means we had five testing stations. Big surprise, right? 😉 The testers chose which station they wanted to start at and rotated every 12 minutes.

The “serious” part of the evening – after pizza and beer – started with a short introduction from our Co-Founder and COO, Markus Steinhauser. After that, the first two testing rounds began. Before the first break we listened to a 15-minute talk by Jann Kirchhoff, Product Success Manager at BMW Motorrad. He gave us insights into the test we conducted (and are still conducting) with them. If you want to learn more about this and our partnership with BMW, read our blog article “Our step into the automotive world…” or have a look at our BMW case study.

After Jann’s talk we had another two rounds of testing followed by another talk, this time by Lena Lupprian, UX Designer at E.ON Deutschland, on the topic “5 Surprising Insights from User Interviews”.
The evening ended with a final round of testing and a lot of networking.

Crowdtesting – Suitable for Every Development Stage

It was great to see that we had different products from all stages of development at our Usability Speedtesting MeetUp. For us, this reflects one of the biggest advantages of crowdtesting – it’s suitable for any kind of digital product, any industry, and any stage of development. It doesn’t matter if you have a website or online shop, a mobile app or game, an IoT or smart device, a wearable, or a chatbot or virtual assistant – our testers give valuable and insightful feedback that helps you deliver the best version of your product.

Happy testers, happy clients, happy Testbirds

We got a lot of positive feedback during the event. Testers especially enjoyed the opportunity to exchange ideas and thoughts directly with the companies involved.
One tester said: “It was an insightful and well-structured event. The limited time for the tests and the two presentations made the evening rich in variety and entertaining. Due to the many new situations of every test, my concentration and receptivity have been strengthened. It was great to get an immediate reaction to my feedback from company representatives and at the same time understand what they wanted to know. And of course, pizza and beer were the icing on the cake. 😊“

The attending companies emphasised that every new look at their product and all the feedback is very insightful and helpful for further development. Testing is a chance to get direct feedback from those who are really important – the users. Assumptions and thoughts on what users might like and expect are replaced by proven data and the opinion of real users.
With this feedback in mind we can truly say we had a great event and are already looking forward to opening our doors for the 2nd Usability Speedtesting MeetUp.

To give you an even better insight, have a look at our gallery.

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