When you wake up and it’s still dark out, when your ride to work is surrounded by foggy subway windows, when you put away your summer shorts full of heartwarming memories and replace them with leg warming long underpants, you know that winter is just around the corner. Usually, around this time, I start asking myself, what can I do to get rid of the winter blues?

Ok, I think you can tell that I am not a winter person like most of my colleagues here at Testbirds who used to ski to kindergarten. For me, winter is rather a torturous seasons, consisting of air that is dry from artificial heating, one cold after another and headaches brought on by mulled wine. Of course, winter lovers would protest with beautiful snowflakes, snowmen building championships, the sun reflecting on frozen lakes, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and cozy winter sweaters that hide all your sugar-sweet Christmas sins.

I really appreciate the energy they spend in trying to make winter sound positive, but the fact remains that low temperatures do not only turn the landscape into a winter wonderland, but also into somewhat of an inconvenience. As I am trying to stay positive here and force myself to smile at the dropping thermometer, I will present you with some of my own little helpers that make the dark time of year more endurable and maybe even enjoyable. To get the most out of the cold season, whether you love it or hate it, here are three items that will keep you warm and cozy as well as connected to your mobile device.

1. Touchscreen gloves

For example Touchscreen Gloves by Holly

There is not much explanation needed for this gadget. So far there have been two options: Either you do wear gloves knowing that you have to take them off every time you want to use your phone (and that might take too long), or you brave the cold and don’t wear gloves, tapping on your touchscreen to the point where your fingers get so cold that the screen doesn’t respond anymore – both highly unsatisfying.
The simple solution to this kind of problem is touchscreen gloves. With a conductive thread integrated in the fingertips these gloves are made touchscreen-ready. They are available all over the internet, from reasonable basics up to nappa leather or lambskin models.

P.S. For those gifted in the arts: With a few sewing skills you can make your own touchscreen gloves as shown in this tutorial.

2. A back up battery that works as a hand warmer

For example Energy Flux Slim by Human Creations

It doesn’t matter if your phone is dying while you are stuck in traffic (because public transport is always totally surprised with the first load of snow) or if you are sitting in a cozy mountain lodge after a day of skiing and your hands are frozen due to the snowman you just built: This little helper will keep your phone alive and your paws warm and toasty. The version by Human creations has a 4400 mAh battery and lasts up to five hours providing you with heat and electricity. Smart, huh?

3. Bluetooth Beanie

For example Bluetooth Beanie by August

For many of us, the daily supply with music is essential as it allows us to enter “the zone”. With sinking temperatures however, the struggle begins. Do I wear my headphones on top of my hat or underneath and what is the deal with this cable dangling between all these layers of clothing I am wrapped up in? Let this fantastic 2-in-1 item lighten your suffering and a Bluetooth hat do the work. You can connect this gadget with every kind of device and it not only lets you listen to your favorite music while scratching the ice off your car but also works as a hands-free kit for incoming and outgoing calls. In the words of the manufacturer: cool tunes, warm ears.

With those three items in mind, winter could be really pleasant for you (and probably even me). Apparently there are ways to keep all of our extremities and maintain a good mood during the frozen months. Maybe this is also a perfect time to start your next Testbirds test in the cozy mountain lodge we mentioned above – provided there is a working internet connection.

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