5 Benefits of E-Commerce Testing

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Did you know that global revenue in eCommerce still is growing with an annual growth rate of 9%? I didn’t. Honestly, I thought we have long since reached a point where online market coverage is somewhat completed and revenue only increases by basis points. But in 2017, e-retail sales accounted for 10,2% of all retail sales worldwide and this figure is expected to reach 17,5 % in 2021. It’s not too late to enter the eCom market, there is high potential to make some money even if you are at the very beginning of starting a business or just now switching from offline to online.

About the fundamentality of testing your online-shop

In the blog-post last week, we’ve learned that 43% of all order cancellations of online purchases are due to technical malfunctions in online-shops. In combination with the statistic stated above (eCommerce still to be a lucrative market) this shows that one essential factor to make effective use of the market growth is a well-functioning online-shop. I don’t want to ruin the punch-line here, but…Testbirds can help with that. If you are not convinced yet, here are 5 pretty valid benefits of testing and crowdtesting your webshop.

How your webshop can benefit from Software Testing

Software testing with the help of a tester crowd and the usage of automated testing services has a highly positive impact on improving the efficiency of your testing processes and boosting your online business in general. The following list of advantages is based on the experience of Testbirds and on the insights and learnings that derive from many testing projects we did over the years:

1) Testing improves your web shop in 100% of the cases

In every test, the testers from our crowd find at least one bug, this means testing is expedient in every single case. With one of our biggest and most successful e-Commerce clients for example, we did 5 bug tests over a period of 6 months. In total 249 bugs got detected by the crowd, even when at first glance the online shop of this client looked fine.

2) Testing significantly increases your conversion rate

The most severe bugs are the ones that occur during the check-out and payment process. Unfortunately, this step also tends to be more error-prone than others due to its complexity. Fair enough, but even the most flawless check-out process is useless, if customers don’t reach this step due to bugs beforehand, or a bad UX. Thorough testing of both functionality and usability of the whole customer journey is therefore most crucial. At Testbirds, for example, we executed an extensive usability crowdtest for a large insurance company. The relevant target group from our crowd created detailed feedback about the client’s website under realistic testing conditions. This led to a 30% improved conversion rate after the implementation of the Testbirds feedback.

3) Testing with the Crowd leads to an increase in the number of releases per year by 150%

This means with outsourcing the testing and QA processes to a crowd, your dev-teams are able to focus more on their core responsibility, namely develop and optimize the online functionalities of your web shop. This shift in focal points not only can double the amount of releases per year, but according to Hobson&Company can scale them up by 150%. Most definitely due to the fact that testers are able to provide a very high level of testing experience and efficiency.

4) 10% higher retention rate through Crowdtesting

Only one tiny bug on your web shop can be responsible for losing customers. I experienced a situation that shows this pretty well: I tried to order pizza online a few months ago and there was a major bug on both the mobile version and desktop version of the site. It was not possible to choose the size of the pizza, there was no button for me to click on. Every time I tried to continue with the ordering process, I got the same error message that I first need to choose the pizza-size otherwise I was not allowed to put something into the shopping cart. Of course, I never visited this site again. Hobson&Company found out that crowdtesting leads to an increase in retention rate in 10%, but to be honest, my gut feeling tells me it could be even more.

5) Testing cuts costs

How you can save money when you get your web shop tested professionally? Firstly, the quality of your online-shop gets better which leads to less critical fixes needed. Secondly, with Crowdtesting you can get your website tested even before its launch, which helps remove errors and problems. You also save customer service money, since you reduced the number of unsatisfied customers beforehand. Thirdly, if you automate your testing processes, for example with the Device Cloud Test Automation, you both gain quality and decrease the long-term costs of the service.

Testbirds as Testing partner

blankWe test web shops. Whether if it’s inspecting the site for functional errors and bugs or checking if the UX and shopping experience matches the expectations of the target costumer. Whether it is cross-browser testing, cross-device testing or the testing of a complete User Journey End-to-End, from order process to delivery and returns. With the help of 400,000 Testers of our Crowd and an unlimited number of different combinations of devices, browsers and operating systems in the Testbirds Device Cloud, there is basically no test scenario, we can’t execute. Don’t be deterred by this multitude of different types of software tests, next week we are going to explain the most common ways we use for webshop testing. Until then, Linda from our Account Management team is the perfect contact person, if you want to learn more about our flexible testing solutions. She specializes in eCom and the testing of web shops.

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