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Some of you might have seen it already – We have a new nest! The development and project management team have worked very hard and now a completely new version of the Nest is online.

The reasons for this relaunch are manifold. Overall, however, you could say the main one was old age. We developed the original Nest at the end of 2011, building it up with with features and improvements. Check out this screenshot of the Nest in 2001, when the platform was only available in German.

Simply put, it was time to make a clear cut. Use everything that we have learned over the years working with testers as well as clients and start fresh, building everything from scratch. That is exactly what we have done. The new nest has, just like our new service BirdFlight, a menu on the left and is fully responsive.


Naturally, we ran a crowdtest with many of you to test the new nest before launch. Thanks for the help! The nest is far from finished though, and we have several bigger features coming up over the next months. If you encounter any problems right now, please let us know (Nest Bugs and Feedback will be back as well, soon).

The whole team at Testbirds is really excited about this next step and we are going full steam ahead!

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Happy Testing,

Testbirds Team

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