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Testbirds Exclusives: a look into our special test solutions

by | Mar 18, 2016 | QA, News & Infos, Testing Reality, Usability & UX, Usability | 0 comments

As you may have noticed, we’re very proud to have released new testing services within our service portfolio. Two weeks ago, Franzi already gave you the ins and outs regarding our Quality Assurance-services. And Veronika presented some of the Usability and UX-solutions in last week’s post. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the special test solutions that we have developed over time, which you can only find at Testbirds.

Testbirds Services

The launch of our new Testing Reality portfolio tells you that at Testbirds we try to operate at the forefront of innovation, especially concerning software testing. It was exciting to be pioneering with crowdtesting when it all started for Testbirds, and our clients provided us with amazing and interesting projects over the years. In order to keep our customers satisfied and completely fulfil their testing needs, we have constantly been developing new services and improving our existing ones. This allows us to offer a comprehensive portfolio in the field of crowd- and cloud-based software testing, exclusively at Testbirds. These exclusive services vary from training your employees and finding on-prem test solutions, to distributing beta apps and testing complex applications or digital products. Our platform has the most flexible and efficient test tools, of which I’ll highlight three in today’s blog post: BugAbility™ , BirdFlight™ and the MyNest-solution.

BugAbility™ – functional and usability testing

In BugAbility™ we’ve combined two of our most popular crowdtesting solutions: functional testing and usability testing. With BugAbility™, the focus is not only on functional testing, but the test process is complemented by questions about usability. Both are very important to test in order to ensure that digital products run flawlessly and that they offer a seamless and rich user experience. With our crowdtesters you can accomplish just that. Our crowd consists of more than 100,000 testers that collectively own more than 250,000 connected devices. This enormous diversity in testers (from certified testers to consumers and more) and broad range of devices (together with all the different existing OS and software combinations) enable our clients to access a rich pool of resources to test with. Clients have over 60 characteristics to choose from and compose their (potential) end-users that make up the tester group. The testers then test under real-life circumstances and on their own devices. In short, BugAbility™ is our exclusive all-in-one service that combines functionality testing with usability feedback by utilising target group-specific end-users in real-life testing conditions.

BirdFlight™ – app distribution for free

Testing is a very important part of the development cycle. So, when developing apps, these beta versions need to be made accessible or need to be distributed among testers, such as colleagues for example. This is not always that easy, because official app stores and markets hosted by Apple and Google have some strict guidelines before beta apps can be distributed. Incomplete applications for example are often not allowed. BirdFlight™ is a Testbirds Exclusive that offers the solution. With this special app distribution tool, developers can upload (beta versions of) their Android- or iOS-app to the cloud and distribute them over-the-air (OTA) to their testers, clients and employees. Apps don’t have to pass a review phase, and within BirdFlight™ developers can also create mailing lists and track downloads. And the best thing of all: this Testbirds Exclusive is usable completely free of charge. Need additional testers or test methods? No problem, with just a few click devs can immediately make use of our Self-Service and TestChameleon.

MyNEST™ – our completely customisable testing platform 

For many companies, internal test processes can be complicated. Often, a complete and comprehensive test solution is needed, that performs test projects in an efficient, flexible and fairly fast manner. With MyNEST™ clients can turn our entire testing platform into their very own. This means that they can make use of our Nest in their own corporate identity, either on-premises (on their own servers) or as a SaaS-solution in the cloud. In our Nest, clients can then fully run crowd- and cloud-based tests to improve their internal testing processes. It’s possible to include employees and your own testers to conduct your functional test or usability studies with. Furthermore, it also includes app distribution, or TestChameleon to run automated tests with. Of course, we do not only deliver the complete platform. We also provide extensive trainings by our experienced project managers and developers. Lastly, what’s good to know: whenever there’s an update for our own Nest-platform, this will also be included in MyNEST™.

And that sums up three of our Testbirds Exclusives. Curious about our other Testbirds Exclusives, such as Bring-Your-Own-Crowd™ or Training Academy? You can check those out in more detail on our new and improved website. Interested in participating in test projects yourself? Sign up in our Nest, fill in the forms and look out for those test invites!

Happy testing!

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