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A look into our Device Cloud packages

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Testing Reality, Device Cloud | 0 comments

You might already be familiar with our Device Cloud, our full offering of cloud-based testing solutions. Whether you need to test automated or manually, our Device Cloud offers the latest in real devices from actual end-users, virtualisation and emulation. We have the honor of helping big brands optimise their digital products, from apps and websites to full software systems. We want to serve our clients as best as possible and so, to cater to their needs, we recently created our new enterprise packages. In today’s post an overview of what you can expect from our Device Cloud packages.

Device Cloud

Next to our prize-winning crowdtesting approach, we invest a lot of time and effort in the development of our Device Cloud. This is the umbrella term we coined for all our cloud-based testing solutions. In our Device Cloud you can find all the virtual machines and emulators you need to run your tests on. It allows you to easily create testing environments of specific set-ups, from the latest Windows and macOS and mobile OSs to the most recent browser versions. Subsequently, you can install all software within these testing environments that you need for your specific test criteria. What makes our Device Cloud unique and powerful, is that we also offer the possibility of testing on real devices from actual users all over the world in our Global Real Device Network (GRDN). Consequently, you can use Selenium, Appium and CI-tools such as Jenkins to run both automated and manual tests. From cross-browser testing to regression testing, and whether it’s an app or on desktop, our Device Cloud enables you to efficiently investigate the quality of your digital products.

We’re proud that we can help companies small and large to optimise their digital products with our Device Cloud. To better cater to the needs of our enterprise clients, we recently created new enterprise packages. What can you expect when you purchase which package?


First, we would like to fully understand what your actual testing need is. Our testing specialists can help you define your needs and will make sure to find out if our testing solutions will meet your needs. This might sound like a formality, but this is a very important step in the actual testing process already: getting the scope clear, setting the criteria and seeing how we can best support you in reaching your goals within the testing scopes. Once that’s defined and mutually agreed upon, we can commence a proof-of-value project. This is an elaborate process consisting of several steps during the course of approximately three months. In the preparation phase we set-up the team and connect our skilled testing experts to your developers, product owners, test engineers etc. The requirements for the specific proof-of-value project are then clearly defined and a feasible time frame will be determined. We then kick off with a workshop, where we want to dive deeper into the existing testing processes and will look into the existing IT infrastructure, project priorities and required devices. Then we move to the execution phase. We can start with our Device Cloud and, depending on the requirements, can even install it on-prem. Step by step, we make sure that our Device Cloud works smoothly with your infrastructure and software. Once that’s done, our experts provide a technical training, including a kickstart for test automation. In the last phase, after tests have run and everything has been completed, together with the client we present the project results to the relevant stakeholders. A debriefing will then follow to leverage the full potential of our solutions for product optimisation. And of course, we work hard to make sure that every single proof-of-value will turn into permanent valuable testing projects.

Enterprise packages

So, what kind of device cloud packages are available? We have four cloud packages available:

Public Cloud
Within the Public Cloud package, you have access to virtual devices hosted on Testbirds’ servers and to real devices from our crowd of more than 300,000 testers worldwide. This set-up requires minimal integration efforts.

Private Cloud
The Private Cloud package allows you to have exclusive customer access to the Testbirds Device Cloud with dedicated virtual and real devices. This set-up thus offers permanent availability of real and virtual testing environments.

On-premises Cloud
For the On-premises Cloud package we will host the real and virtual devices on-site within the premises of your company. This set-up guarantees the highest possible data security as no data leaves your company.

Hybrid Cloud
The Hybrid Cloud package combines the benefits of our public and on-premises cloud. This set-up enable an easy integration and high data security for your enterprise.

Altogether, within our Device Cloud packages you’ll find everything you need to efficiently run your testing projects with. Whether it’s manual or automated, on real or virtual devices, in our cloud or on-prem – we will happily assist you in all your digital product testing. Interested to learn more? Check our Device Cloud section on the website and feel free to get in touch.

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